Streaming movies using DLNA

Hi, I just purchased the My Book LIve and would like to stream movies using DLNA to my DLNA recevier device (in this case it is my DVD player). I have enabled the Twonky Service.  I have also gone to my share and selected share video.  What are the steps I need to take to start streaming the video?



If Twonky is up and running, then the rest is up to your DVD player.

Thanks for the quick reply. So, there is no way to launch, ‘throw’ or initiaite streaming from the WD MyBook? My tablet for example, allows me to select a video and when it starts playing, hit a button to start streaming it, where I select the DVD player and voila, it appears on my big screen.  

I do see the Twonky Server (and can also navigate the videos and play some of them) when I navigate the DVD menus, but it won’t play very many file types.  When I launch from the tablet it will launch all file types supported on itself, the DLNA Server.  No such mechanism or software for the MyBook then? I may have to return it as this is what I was hoping for.

Thanks again,


Well. The MBL is classed as a DLNA “DMS” (Digital Media Server).  DMS doesn’t do that.   It only SERVES.

What you want is a “DMC,” or Digital Media Controler app.  Which works with a DMS to CONTROL the stream.

Windows Media player is an example.  It can do what you describe using the PLAY TO function.  It works with any file server.

What system (NAS and apps) are you currently using that does do what you describe?

Aha, ok, good info. 

I am using a Sony Android Tablet, the app is the “Play Movies” app.  Could I connect this tablet so that the Play Movies  application can ‘see’ the MBL video files and then I can use it to do my streaming? (I’m not sure where this app looks for videos as I don’t see a setting for it.)



Rooker… Get MediaHouse off Google Play Store. The MBL’s DLNA (Twonky) server works very well with it.  If you are not using MX Player, get this too. Both are free… cj

MediaHouse works. Thanks.  I will also try MX Player, I don’t love the MediaHouse interface (it doesn’t have a fast forward / rewind for example.) but this solution will work ok for me.