Streaming movies to PS3

I put movies onto my cloud, but they don’t show up on the ps3.  I’ve tried restarting the ps3, but that doesn’t seem to fix it.  I checked the folders on my PC, and the new movies are there.  I also checked to make sure the folder that they are in is set to share media, and it is.  I’ve had this problem in the past, and it seems to fix itself after a day or so.  I was wondering if anyone had this issue and knows how to make my new movies show up immediately.

The content scan has to find it then you’ll see it on the ps3. You can kick off a rescan under settings, media, dlna.

Hi All,

Have recently purchased My Cloud 4TB and am having problems getting my PS3 to see  My Cloud as the media server.

All settings in the My Cloud control panel are correct, media streaming on, DLNA scans done but whenever I search for a media server on the PS3, none are found.

I found an article about making changes to the Twonky Server and have followed those to the letter, however, the Twonky Server still shows No Streaming, and my PS 3 cant see it.

I can ping both the Media server and the PS3 so I know there are no network issues.

Any advice on how I can get my PS3 to find my Media Server would be appreciated.



There is a setting in the actual PS3 options that explicitly allows or disallows detection of media servers. Make sure that’s turned on!!

I only know it’s under the settings area. Probably in network settings or similar. Is it on?