Streaming movies to multiple rooms

i purchased the wd tv live hub and i love it, but right now i can only watch movies from it on my living room tv and my pc that it’s connected to wirelessly thru the network

It can read all my movies, music and photos off my 1tb hard drive on my PC (wirelessly)

It can read all my movies, music and photos off my 1tb external hard drive (directly connected)

and obviously i plays all my media off it’s internal 1tb hard drive

What i want to do is be able to play 1 movie in my living room, and be able to play a seperate movie inmy daughters bedroom at the same time.

What is the cheapest device i can buy to connect to my daughters SD-TV thru component that will be able to read all of my media files(off my pc, external and internal wd tv hub) thru the hub’s media steamer? (wirelessly). i want to be able to watch all my movies in my living room, and be able to watch/access all the same movies in my daughters bedroom.

Is the wd tv live (not hub) capable of connecting to the network also and read the files off all 3 hard drives? and is there any device cheaper than that, that is capable of the same thing? or would the live only be capable of reading files off my internal hub drive and external thats directly connected to the hub?

I would recommend buying another WD HDTV LIVE HUB the other older devices are more expensive and don’t work as well. You will need more storage so 1TB is good with the hub. Both hubs can access a main NAS or network computer. Continue being happy with the hub. 

If you don’t need the extra storage of another Hub, I would look at the Live Plus.  

It’s $100 (and $100 cheaper than a Hub) and would allow you to access any media you share via your PC and Hub.  

It’s Netflix capable and should be getting Hulu Plus later (US-only for those).

You’d also need a USB wifi dongle to get it on the network wirelessly.

I can’t even get it to see my pc computer running windows. any help would be appreciate it. I want to be able to stream MKV files from my pc but it doesn’t even recognize any folders. it sees the computer and once I click on it, it says no folders are found etc. any suggestions? tia.

Skasol, it sounds like a permissions problem. Make sure the folder and all files are accessible to the user “everyone.”

Thanks I will give that a try. I am kind of disappointed. I am reading too many people with issues streaming from Pc and also wireless. Which is what I wanna do. I can’t even get it to see folders. I was about to return it. We’ll see I just got it a few days ago. Thanks for Ur help I will report back.

Yes, please do.   I’ll do my best to get you up and running…  But what I can tell you is that sometimes Windows Networking can be a HUGE pain.   It takes some getting used to…

Thanks. Would it be easier on a mac? I have a mbp as well but most of the files that want to stream are on my pc. We’ll see I actually got two of these I wanted to share files between the two of them kind if like my tivos hopefully this is possible.

Heheh…   That’s one thing that both PC’s and Macs stink equally at…   But it’s hard to blame a Mac considering it’s still WINDOWS’ networking it’s trying to do… :wink:

There are several folks here that have succeeded in getting Macs to work.    If Mac is your preference, then hopefully someone will chime in.

I’m a Mac newbie (OS X 10.6.5) and what I did to enable sharing was:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Sharing
  3. Tick File Sharing
  4. In Options (for File Sharing) tick Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)
  5. I did NOT enable a password.  Click Done.
  6. Add a Folder to share.  It should have ‘Guests’ Read& Write but I also added ‘Everyone’ Read&Write and made ‘Unknown User’ Read&Write too.  

Note: my PC is on a secure network and never leaves the house.  These settings could potentially open your MBP shared folder to everyone on an unsecured network, e.g. public wireless hotspot.

My Hub can see the Mac on the network and stream from the Mac’s network share folder.  You can log in as anonymous (I do) or I suppose as one of the users on your MBP, shouldn’t make a difference.

Having said that, I also had network shares working no problem on Vista x64.

If you can’t see shares, turn the Hub OFF (not standby; hold the power button until it’s completely off) leave it a minute and start it back up.  If you’ve powered it fully off, startup should take a minute, not seconds.  That worked for me just now when I turned my Mac on after the Hub.  Helps to power on the Hub AFTER the network share.

Hope that helps.  :)

Thank u. I will try this. I am not that happy with it right now to be honest. I bought 2 of them to replace my previous wdtv I will give it a try.