Streaming Movies from WD TV Live Hub to iPad using xbmc

Wow just would like to share that I’ve successfully streamed movies to iPad using XBMC over wifi. Here’s how…

  1. Install XBMC on iPad

  1. Go to “Add Video source”

  2. Select “Browse”

  3. Select UPnP Devices

  4. Select your WD TV Live Hub (mine using the default name “WDTVLiveHub”)

  5. Select “Ok”

You might want to go a little bit deep here for mapping the folder

Now you can enjoy your movies on iPad and do not need to worry about video format :wink:



Of course, that requires jail-breaking the device.

There’s plenty of DLNA apps available through the App Store that can also play DLNA content without having to jailbreak anything…    I use Azul and HD Media Player.


I cant seem to find HD Media Player in Appstore is this the correct name for the application? By the way using Azul or HD Media Player can I stream videos from the hub regardless of the file type for example mkv?

Thank you.



Sorry… That WAS the wrong name.

It’s actually called BUZZ Player HD.

Note, though, that if the file contents are NOT Native to iPad hardware, the playback characteristics can be limitted  (Reduced framerate, etc.)  

But it plays MP4 and MOV files quite well (if encoded for iPad standards) Many of the SD MKVs I have play perfectly, but the HD MKVs don’t play well.

I don’t know if XBMC would play them any better;  the iPad processor really isn’t beafy enough to transcode on the fly, so I doubt it…