Streaming movies from MBL Duo

Hi  - I have a MBL 6tb with Raid 1 configured. I am trying to figure out how to watch streaming movies on iPhone/iPad that are located in “Shared Videos” folder. I want to watch these movies while connecting to MBL Duo outside of my network.

I can download the movie using WD2go pro and then open in another application. However, I am interested to know how to stream movies without waiting for them to download completely.

I know that goodplayer app is a good streaming media player and will probably do the trick.

The question is how to connect the application to MBL Duo.  

These are the options provided by goodplayer to connect: 

Direct Streaming URL. SMB/CIFS Client, UPnP / DLNA Client, WebDAV Client. FTP Client


# Does MBL Duo have any specific url that can be entered in to the app (not the internal url -

Which option to use to connect to MBL Duo and how (outside of my home network)?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I actually use GoodPlayer to stream videos from my DUO to my i4.
you have to set up GoodPlayer by going into SMB/CIFS Client. Once there click the +
you need the physical address of your share your trying to access (ie or
if you have any private shares make sure to enter the user & pass and you’re good to go.

I’m not sure if you can access it through any other address (http/ftp) because I haven’t tried and the above method works fine for me.

this also applies to using outside the network as I still new with my DUO.

FYI GoodPlayer can’t play 1080p, it can play 720p but you need an i4s or iPad2 because of the dual core processing, if you have anything other than those don’t expect to play anthing but standard def files as they freeze or skip a lot.

hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks mate. This is helpful.

Am assuming that connecting the player within the network  should be fairly straightforward (as confirmed by you). However, the issue is how to connect this outside of the network.

Glad to help!

well GoodPlayer does support FTP and you can set up the DUO to use FTP under Settings>Network>FTP
I haven’t tested how well it works with GoodPlayer myself but it should be pretty straight forward.
In GoodPlayer its under FTP Client then just enter the IP, User & Pass and Port (if needed)

As far as accesing it throught Http it should be pretty simple as well but you need to sign up for WD’s Remote access.
I read it’s free to set up and can access your whole drive, there are paid features as well but I don’t recall what they are atm. To set that up go to Settings>Remote Access>Web Access and follow the steps.
I did hear that they don’t offer HTTPS so if thats important to you, you might want to look else where.

Good Luck! If you try either post back as I’m curious to use them as well.

Oh I also forgot if you want another way to use it in your network you can set the DUO up to broadcast certain shares through DLNA (usually enabled by default) as GoodPlayer can read UPnP/DLNA aslo.

Thanks again.

I have set up the remote access thru which wd2go pro and wd photo work (I am on iOs5.x). For remote access, MBL generates a unique passcode for each device that needs the access. This passcode needs to be entered once into the WD apps. Not sure if non WD apps support this method.

The web access is also enabled. I can login to and access my disk. The connection on the browser is secured (https). However, on the browser, a java applet runs that opens up your public and shared folders in windows explorer (maps them temporarily as network drives). Needless to say, the web access doesn’t work on iOS. Not sure if web-access allows anything else other than browser based login and access to directories.

I will buy the goodplayer today and then try to configure some options to see what works. Will report back here.

Anyone from WD care to shed some light on what access method / protocol might work here?

On another note, it’s been 40 hours and the Raid1 building has reached about 80% :slight_smile:

any updates on this?  i would also like to stream MBL through GoodPlayer IOS app, so i can read my .avi files

Am able to stream movies with Good Player on iOs (using DLNA) within my network. However, still don’t know if there is a way to access this outside of my network using wd2go or any other means.