Streaming movie dropping

I have the WD EX4, which has all my movies, I stream these via a D-link switch box to my Asus media player, then hdmi to my tv.

Certain movies normally mp4 and mkv would drop. I then have to drill down to the files, usually it will restart at the part where it dropped.   

I did have edison switching box, I changed this.

I had a WD multi media box, this was changed.

But I still get the intermittant dropping of movies.

I have read that the dropping of WD streaming had been a serious problem, hopefully it has been sorted, but it not 100% as I still have my problem.

WD Mycloud sw version 1.05.30

Media streaming on version 7.2.8-3


No lights flashor warnings, no other problems seem to appear.

Can you help please??


Are you able to test the My Cloud with a different media player?

Have you tried setting up the unit with a static ip?

Yes I have used a WD and Asus media players.  As for staic IP, I am not sure what you are talking about.

johnvn wrote:

As for staic IP, I am not sure what you are talking about.


See the following WD support article that explains how to configure the device so it has a static IP rather than obtaining an IP address from your local network’s DHCP server.

How to configure a WD My Cloud or WD My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive with a Static IP

Thank you for the assistance, I have now set up the static IP for WDEX4.

Then I played a movie, after a while, the picture froze for about a second, and then it was dropped back to where I have to reselect the server, ie WDEX4. And then reload everything again. The lights on the WDEX4 stayed on steady throughout.