Streaming mediathek contents

Lots of public and private TV stations offer an internet-mediathek, where one can watch certain movies, magazines, shows for a few weeks after their official broadcast.

Since  WD TV LIVE offers “just” a few direct connections to internet (youtube, flickr, pandora etc) I want to know which possibilities I have to watch the above mentioned contents.

Of course I know that I can directly connect my laptop via a HDMI to my TV to use ist as a second screen. But maybe it is also possible to do this without direct connection via my WD TV LIVE.

For example: I’m watching any movie trailer in internet on my laptop, but I have following connection:

Laptop —> Network cable —> WD TV LIVE —> HDMI —> my TV

Any Ideas?

You would have to use some sort of media sever on your laptop to enable any other streaming sources and then it would only be sources that the server allows.