Streaming .ISO Files to Supported Devices

Hello all,

Just a question as support is not available today and cannot find suitable answers after a forum search;

I can play .ISO files directly from the hub to an attached TV.  I can also access the folders on the HUB and in the attached USB drive (where all my DVD back-ups are) from my networked Blu-Ray device but it does not see the .ISO files, let alone play them. 

My question is:  Is there a way for the Hub to use its CODEC (or whatever allows it to play the .ISO’s)  to stream the .ISO file to an attached network device that cannot decode .ISO files natively? 

Thanks for any input  :slight_smile:

No, the HUB does not transcode.

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Much appreciated Tin.

With all the talk of “streaming to any device in the house…” I was hoping it was a bit more than just another networked drive to compatible devices, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

I guess I will put the USB back on the network and get more devices for the other locations.

Device is AWESOME by the way, I love it!