Streaming is interrupted during playback "Cloud EX2 is not Connected"

My current setup is a Cloud EX2 wired into a Netgear N600 Dual-bank Gigabit Router (DGND3700) and a Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray player.

I playback media through the blu-ray player and can easily select the NAS drive and media folders within. PLayback starts fine but at random times (20 mins in, 42 mins etc…) the playback ceases and i’m issued with a “CloudEX2 disconnected”. However, the drive is still there when i go to “select device” from the blu-ray source menu.

Appears that something is dropping the connection or resetting. I’ve since tried setting the NAS, TV and Blu-Ray to static IPs but still no luck. I’ve also unticked the “restart on NIC changes” flag in Twonky server.

Please help, this is one of the primary reasons i purchased the product and it’s making it unusable.

Are your TV and Blu-Ray connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable? (bandwidth limited WiFi?)

Is there something else placing a high load on your router? (network limitation)

Have you tried playing the same media file on your computer, or a tablet? e.g. using something like Kodi. (media player problem)

Have you tried copying the file to a computer, and playing it locally? (file encoding problem)

[quote=“Jay_Redfern, post:1, topic:158890, full:true”]
My current setup is a Cloud EX2…[/quote]
You may want to post your question to the dedicated EX2 subforum where there may be others more knowledgeable with the EX2.

There was one somewhat similar post in the EX2 subforum but no real solution or workaround.

Yes all devices are wired into the router.
Nothing else is on the router\network other than a desktop machine, which is idle at the time.
All files play fine on other sources and if replayed i can get past the point it dropped out (it drops at different times) - so no issues with the files.

If you’ve done all that, and you can play the file from the MyCloud on another player (my third question above), then I fear it is a problem with the media player in your TV.

Just bought an EX2 Ultra and having the exact same issue when using wdtv as the player (i.e streaming from plex media server on nas, playing through wdtv live hub). It isn’t only through playback though as it likes to cut out every 20 mins or so even when not playing, saying “last content source has been removed, please reselect a new source”. When reselecting plex media server again video playback plays from where it left off. I think this is possibly something to do with the plex server disconnecting on the nas and not the nas itself.

edited - this also happens for me when you select MYCLOUD as the source option,

I never had any issues with plex server running on laptop - just was a problem keeping laptop on 24/7 and running out of hd space.

Plex server running on laptop - storage on nas is next to try to see if this problem continues.

Here I posted my solution Video streaming stops after 20 -30 minutes