Streaming HD content

A quick but seperate follow up to last query. Sorry for stupidty !

The WD learning centre indciates under the ‘how to stream HD content’ :

  1. Launch the My Book Live dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard, click Settings.
  3. In the left pane, click Media.
  4. Turn on Media Streaming.
  5. Click the View Media Players link.  I can’t see that link on that screen of dashboard ??

Also in this sectioon under ‘adding media’ it says:

Double-click your Public share to open the folder and display the following pre-configured folders.

  • Shared Music: Stores music files you want to stream
  • Shared Pictures: Stores image files you want to stream
  • Shared Videos: Stores video files you want to stream

Does that mean you cannot stream HD from a user created private folder ??


Yes, you can stream from any share if you enable that option within the share configuration.

great thanks - I checked and I do have ‘edia sharing’ ticked for my private folder. 

just leaves me trying to find where the online helps says I’ll find under settings > media a link to ‘click the view media players link’.  I can’t see that link ?!?

You should see it under

Settings – Media – and then expand the little chevron symbol:

Depending on when you bought your MBL, it might not have the TWONKY media server; it may have the WD “DLNA” media server – but the info is in the same place either way.

how bizzare. It wasn’t there last night and it wasn’t there just before I posted this query but I just looked and its there. Yes - not twonkly but the DNLA version. And that also explains why I havenm’t foggiest about what all this twonky talk was  - I ain’t got it !

thank you