Streaming from the internet

Im on the cheap these days and looking to do things like watch fox news on my WD Live hub with no cable subscription.  I’ve been able to use my laptop which has a HDMI adapter on it to play to my plasma display buts its just a pain in the butt to drag it out each time and also the audio isnt done over HDMi correctly on my dell laptop…

So… Been playing with serviio and I can play MMS streams fine on my live hub but there are not many… the website for fox news I have located uses this RTMP stream:


However, the Live hub is not happy with it and says “unable to play selected file”…  Which is a darn shame… 

Has anyone tried this sort of thing?  My thoughts are to convert the RTMP to MMS… but that sounds messy and clunky…  Im still researching but I thought Id throw this out there… I was shocked to get no hits on a search for RTMP in this forum… so maybe nobody cares about this…  

BTW this is the fox news feed Im using:

There are MANY RTMP feeds out there to take advantage of… this is just one!

Hello mate,

I havent try that, but I know for sure that the live hub does not have allow users to add online services.

If you are trying to play those links through the “not official browser”, that might not work since that browser might be missing a video player or a flash player…

Sorry mate, this wont work AFAIK.

Actually… it does work… Im watching fox news live right now via stream…  :)  Took me a little playing but works great.  

Use serviio and make sure you set your device as a WD LIVE  TV…  

Use this line as a “live stream”

rtmp:// Live=1

enjoy :slight_smile:

Oh the serviio appears as a media server in WD live hub (press the red button after you go to videos).