Streaming from mobile app to wd live tv

Hi all,

I have this setup:
wd tv live box
Spotiffy premium account
Android  device

I want to stream from the iPad or droid to the wd tv without having to turn the tv on. A kind of “play to wd tv” option…

I know that from the iPad spotify app, you can stream to apple tv from the app. Is there anyway to do the same thing to wd tv?
Is apple restricting the  streaming to apple devices.? 
Why cannot android to the same to wd tv ?



You might be able to do that on the android device with one app called  “BubbleUPNP”

Not sure what you can use on the ipad.

Hi ragdexx,

Thanks for your reply

Yes, that will work with a upnp server to stream your files. I have used similar services like zappotv or plugplayer.
However, that won’t work to stream from subscription based streaming services like spotify or Netflix.

The only config that I have seen working in that case is apple tv+ iPad