Streaming From Hub to Secondary Device

I have a hub attached to my main tv. The Tivo I had atached to my secondary tv just died. I’m thinking of getting a media player for that tv instead of fixing my old Tivo. I want to be able to stream to this device from my Hub. I imagine some of you are already doing this. What device are you using and are you happy with how it works?

You can get another hub or a Live Streaming 

Thanks. Those seem like reasonable (though somewhat expensive, $100-$150 versus $50-$80 for some media players). I was hoping some of us were already doing this and could relate their experiences, good and/or bad.

Hi, I’ve been running with the following setup for around a year now, with minimal issues: Live TV Hub with USB storage (via USB hub) as a wired Samba server, with 2 Live TV SMP’s used to stream to other rooms (one wired, the other wireless). Other than the SMP’s occasionally not doing a media scan after power on, not had many other issues. I don’t tend to use DLNA, or other Web services etc - just stream ISO’s and MKV’s. All running latest FW, with Dev’s Black Mamba theme.