Streaming from Galaxy S3 to a TV via WD TV Live Media player

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to stream contents from a Galaxy S3 to TV via a WD TV Live media player. I wanted to play games streaming from my phone to TV via the Media player.

My WD TV Live Media player does not have a built in WiFi. So I use a WiFi dongle for streaming.

Will it work?. Please help Thanks

you could stream media such as Video, Music, Photos … but Definately NOT Games via the WDTV

if you want your Galaxy S3 game on a big TV …

Google  “samsung galaxy s3 hdmi out”  and also just a quick bit of reading … it “apparently” can stream / mirror the games and such wirelessly … of course you will need a SAMSUNG TV with the feature (“Allshare” i believe it’s called)