Streaming from Computer


    i have just purchased the wd tv live media player. are you supposed to be able to watch whats on your computer from your tv . is this what they call streaming. if you can do this, how do you set it up. i, as you probably know by my message am not very good on the computer. your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Few steps involved. U must hv a router and link up your WD to ur comp. Then share ur files. For sharing u can check up e demo on WD live web.

You have to create a network vith a router which joins your WD TV Live and your computer. When you have connected this three parts with network cables (or wireless) you have to start  your computer and create the network. You give a name to the network, you have to share your video and photo folders to the other devices which are in the network. You can use the name “workgroup” as default. The WD TV Live network settings should also show this name.


B careful with this I originally went through my computer and had choppy movies I had to do a NAS and so far evrything it about as perfect as it can get. I chose 1Tb hard drives because I don’t have any mirrored and if I lose 1 I can recopy the movies. Plus I see a problem with bigger hard drives like 3TB. Eventually my stuff will be off site in a cooled safe fireproof and mirrored so I am fully protected

Setting this up is not hard, but it does require some fundamental knowledge of PC networking.

You must share the files/folders or setup Media Streaming in Windows 7.  There is a nice video tutorial for this.  I believe you can find it on YouTube by searching for “WDTV Windows 7 streaming” or something similar.

Once streaming is enabled, you go to your WDTV.  Assuming it is setup to access your network, then you should see your media streaming device (your windows 7 pc) as you browse your media files. 

If that doesn’t make sense, then you’ll need to learn more about networking, or enlist the aid of someone who can help.