Streaming from computer running Kaspersky


I’ve managed (using info from this board) to get my WD live tv to read media from my PC.

The problem I have is that I had to disable my Kaspersky internet security to let it gain access.

How do I stop this from happening? I don’t want to have to disable security everytime I want to watch something.

Anyone who has Kaspersky knows it’s super protective and will go off if you sneeze but I just want to some how get it to allow access from other things on the network.

Thanks for any help.

Kaspersky is really tuff with apps and devices

You can try to set a rule to allow the WD TV to work with Kaspersky 

Hi Richard, did you find an answer to this? I have finally figured out that I had to disable Kaspersky, but like your don’t like leaving my comp open…