Streaming flixster app for wd media player

As much as companies are pushing the whole digital download platform for all their movies I find it really hard to find devices that will allow me to use my flixster account to stream movies on my tv. After years in storage I pulled out my wd tv media player and updated it to find it has a flixster account; and then was quickly saddened only to find that the app is just for reviews and trailers. If we can have netflix on this device why not a version of flixster that lets me stream my collection.

Hello, WD does not create the apps for you to be able to access the online services. If flixster provides an updated app which allow the WD TV Live Streaming to use the full Flixster features you will get it over a firmware upgrade.

A Roku media player has a working app for Flixter. I have a WDTV, and also have a Roku – they are that different.