Streaming flac and mkv via Skifta

Hi: I have a WDTV Live that streams media from a ReadyNAS server (Duo v1). I have recently been using Skifta on a generic Android tablet to shift the media from the server to the WDTV, essentially using the pad as a (very effective) remote control in combination with the remote apps for the WDTV and my Sony surround device.

The tablet sees all of the file types stored, and plays them all natively. The WDTV sees and plays about 99% of them (save for a few DivX’s, which I can live without).

My only gripe is when it comes to play flac and mkv files- although they’ll play fine on both devices, when it comes to shifting over DLNA via Skifta they refuse to play. I understand that the issue is at the WDTV end, as the file types are not covered under the device’s DLNA certification- does anyone know if this is correct?

I’m running the latest (I think!) 1.06.41 firmware beta but have tried several others.

If there’s no joy with this device, does anyone know if the new-generation Live Streaming box is any better at handling flac or mkv over DLNA?

Many thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer…

Hello, mkv and flac files should be compatible. Have you tried playing the files directly from a USB memory.

That’s kinda the point- they play fine when plugged directly in via usb, or when accessed over the network. The problem is that I can’t use dlna to play them from one device (my tablet thing) to the wdtv…

So are you getting an error message or something? All WDTV models will stream MKV and FLAC via DLNA just fine. I do it all the time via Twonky.

I’m using Skifta on an Android tablet to play from the NAS to the WDTV. The tablet throws up an “Unable to play media” message…apparently because WDTV doesn’t support flac and mkv over DLNA (although obviously it will play them directly).

This is what they told the op over at the skifta forums.

I have skifta on my nexus 7 tablet and find that I can push some mkv’s to the TV and others are rejected so I don’t exactly agree with the people at skifta. This is via a gen3 player.

Yeah- that was my post on the Skifta forum. It’s frustrating 'cos it’s almost a perfect setup using the tablet as a remote, except for the fact that I can’t play a significant portion of my audio and video library and it’s not clear which files are flac and which are mkv until you attmept to play them!

Thanks for the inputs, folks-hoping that common sense prevails someday in the fomat worlds. In the meantime if anyone comes up with anything be sure to yell…wonder if this is also the case with the new-gen WDTV units…?