Streaming films from MyCloud - Keeps stopping!

I have some movies on my WD my cloud NAS drive that I have been able to watch fine on my TV (in the same house and on the same network) up until a month or so ago where now they keep stopping at random points when viewing, it’s almost like they are buffering if that makes sense?

Why is this happening as it’s driving me crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The drive is showing as fully working and is running the latest firmware etc.

I am also having this problem which started about a week or two ago. It used to disconnect once while viewing but now I can’t even watch a full movie. It disconnects multiple times.  I’m on my second myCloud drive. Not sure if it’s the firmware or not. Everything is up to date like the dashboard says. It’s really frustrating. I’ve had nothing but problems with these drives. 

Once the the new year comes around, I will be buying a Netgear ReadyNas to store & stream movies & shows thoughout the network by using Plex which these MyCloud drives don’t do. In the meantime I’m in the same boat as u, I would like to know why my MyCloud keeps disconnecting for no reason while everything seems to be working fine. 

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If you had made any changes to the configuration of the Twonky Media Server, the will have been overwritten by the upgrade.

You might try changing the media receiver type. See:

Thanks for your response. I haven’t changed any settings myself as I’m not tech minded at all. It is set up to update firmware automatically. All I know is it used to stream a film fine for nearly a year, now for some reason it keeps stopping. I have no idea about twonky and what that does I’m afraid.

I am also in the same boat as you. Continual disconnection when the rest of my network devices are running fine. Frustrated!

I had the exact same problem as well (for over a year), and after pretty much testing everything in settings, I found that turning off cloud-access removed the problem. I use it only as a local network drive, so that wasn’t a big downside for me, but I know it also kinda destroys the point of having a cloud disk. So… test it, and if that fixes the problem, send a message to WD. 

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