Streaming DRM protected content from WMP 11

I can stream DRM video to my xbox without issue, but the WD TV  Live Streaming is unable to play them.  The WD Live Streaming can see the files fine, but is just unable to play them.  The videos are being streamed from Windows Media Player 11 running on Windows XP.  If I upgrade to Windows 7, will The WD Live Streaming be able to play the DRM videos?

That’s because an XBOX acts as a Windows Media Extender.   It’s all Microsoft, so Microsoft makes it work.

No, the WDTV will never play DRM protected content, unless it’s based on a service that’s native to the WD (like Blockbuster, CinemaNow, etc.)

So even with the Windows 7 certification for Play To, DRM protected content cannot be played?

Never saw anything that says the WDTV’s are “Windows 7 Certified,” so I’m not sure what that means, but otherwise, that’s correct… no DRM playback.

They don’t seem very interested in promoting that fact, but it is on the outside of the box and Windows 7 Play To support is listed on the Amazon site.  It’s one reason I bought it .  But if it excludes DRM content for some reason, it doesn’t really help me.

Play to and Windows Media 11 are not the same, also, none of the WD TV models will allow you to play DRM protected contect, it is in the product description.

Play to, as per Microsoft website:

Play To, new in Windows 7, makes it easy to stream music, video, and photos from your computer to other PCs, TVs, or stereos on your home network. You can stream music from your PC to your home entertainment system or stream slide shows and videos to another computer or to your TV. Just right-click the tracks you want to enjoy, or add them to your Windows Media Player 12 playlist, and click Play To. Now you’re hearing—or watching—what you want, where you want it.

Play To works with other PCs running Windows 7 and devices that carry the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo. To find one, visit the  Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

As you can see, this feature, is independent of WM 11. You can use WM11 or 12 play list, but is not necessary, and, as with any other device, playing a file will depend of the device compatibility, you cannot play, using Play to, non compatible files or DRM files.