Streaming content via DLNA from HUB on itself? DLNA-assisted remote control possible?


Apart from watching video, occasionally I want to use the HUB as a music player too, but without the need of turning on TV panel. Let’s say, the DLNA server is enabled on the HUB and there is also an Android device with DLNA app available, which supports redirecting content from DLNA server to another DLNA client. Now, is that possible to remotely control the HUB via Android device to choose the content kept on HUB and stream it from the HUB on itself, in other words, to make the HUB play the music stored on its own local drive?

Did you get my point? Any ideas?


I know someone made an iPhone app that worked as a remote - not sure about an Android one.

It IS possible because I use an iOS app called media:connect by Persona Software to do this very thing. I must assume it is also possible on Android. It’s just a matter of finding the app that does this.