Streaming 4k videos

Right now at the beginning mainly of streaming on my iPad a 4k video I get buffering a little with my 2 TB Hard Drive version would instead getting the SSD version help any ?

I really don’t want to get the SSD version sense it is so expensive but if it would help prevent 100% of the buffering I will or if there is a new version of the wireless hard drive comes out soon.

Oh yeah I am using 5 Ghz wireless signal too. Hard Drive is right next to iPad.

what’s the data rate of the 4K video ?

sure, you’re using 5 Ghz wireless but what actual speed are you getting ?

is the media server app you’re using on your iPad transcoding the video ?

have you tried streaming the 4K video from a different device ?

have you tried other videos ? 480p, 720p, 1080p ? how do they perform.

an SSD won’t make any difference if your bandwidth/media server can’t cope with the bitrate or processing of the video.

try some basic trouble shooting first before throwing money at a problem which