Streaming 4k Video


I’d like to store my 4k video’s on an EX2 RAID1, I have tried the media server and the Plex app but both say the files are unrecognised and do I want to play the next one.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? at the moment I am manually transferring the files to a USB stick and plugging directly into the TV which works but is not ideal.


Hi F1aw1ess

i presented this during IFA in Germany; demonstrating 4K streaming via Ethernet cable from a My Cloud to a Samsung UHD TV. Works but only with built-in Twonky. Content was both H.264 and HEVC in 8-Bit with up to 65 Mbit/s stream. My Samsung cannot stream 10-Bit 4K UHD. Audio was serveral different codecs from AAC up to Dolby Atmos, all were fine.

What TV are you using and what kind of video codec in detail (Bit rate, Stream bandwidth, file format) are you using?

The TV I have is the LG55EF950V OLED, the format codec is usually around 25mb using HEVC in TS or MP4 although I have tried lots of combinations without success, I have played around with various settings at both ends but they all come back with the same unrecognised format problem.

Apologies for the ignorance but is the Twonky server you mention the one that is built into the system from new? Eg you dont need to add it via the APPS tab.

Thanks again

Do you have details about what error message appears or what kind of problems there are?

Correct, the dlna-certified Media Server that is built into the My Cloud OS. Twonky web interface is available on port 9000 for detailed settings. The URL to use would be http://WDMyCloudEX2:9000 (Windows style) or http://WDMyCloudEX2.local:9000 (Mac style).

Found after a deeper search in the Internet at
Section Video Playback

Maximum data transmission rate:

Full HD
H.264 1920x1080@60P BP/MP/HP@L4.2 20Mbps
HEVC 1920x1080@60P MP@L4.1, Main10 Profile@L4.1 20Mbps
ULTRA HD Video [For ULTRA HD model only]
H.264 1920x1080@60P 4096x2160@30P BP/MP/HP@L5.1 50Mbps
HEVC 4096x2160@60P MP@L5.1, Main10 Profile@L5.1 50Mbps**

One more block below this is the list of supported codecs with details. I picked the important ones:

File Type: Codec support
MP4: H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, HEVC
MKV: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, VP8, VP9, HEVC

Important information is in the top collection:

H.264 1920x1080@60P 4096x2160@30P BP/MP/HP@L5.1 50Mbps
HEVC 4096x2160@60P MP@L5.1, Main10 Profile@L5.1 50Mbps

From my understanding: this TV is able to playback only 4K UHD fullsize with 30 frames and HEVC with 60 frames.
Best would be to test what formats this TV is supporting by trial-and-error testing it. Personally, I use this website for downloading content in different formats / codecs (free to use, all are demo clips):

Demo UHD 3D

Be aware that some clips have huge file size.
4K streaming today is a the beginning of its career. The media players of TVs are not capable to stream every different format. I think, it’s better to test what the TV can play. Yet there are so many different codecs, some with 8-Bit, some 10-Bit, some H.264, H.265 or HEVC. Try it.

I’ll have a play around in the next couple of days and update this thread.

Thanks for your time and help so far.