Stream website to WDTV - possible?

it is possible to steam what is viewed on a pc to the WDTV? Via a media server, software, etc? I just want to have the PC screen to duplicate and show up on my large TV, wirelessly, without having to run an HDMI cord.

Thank you.

should work on win8 (project to 2nd screen) as wdtv live on latest firmware supports miracast.


How about windows 7? What are the specifications I need to have or look for?

No idea with win 7, looks like a headache.

On my nexus 7 it works fine and win 8 it works.


Windows 7 does’nt support miracast … you need  Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1

Off-Topic … the WDTV has a hidden basic Web Browser if you wanna have a play with that

Basic is an over zealous statement - I tried it - no Flash, slow as, not very responsive, a total waste of time