Stream videos

I wanted to know if

  1. i can stream avi files over the internet with this device

  2. if i can upload files over the internet.

I currently have a apache home server set up but the computer it is connected to is really slow and we are about to throw it out (have 3 laptops in the house).  I need something that doesnt need to be connected to computer that is constantly on.  Will this device work for me.

  1. About streaming - never tested, becouse my upload speed over internet is too low for streaming.

  2. Upload files over internet = yes of course its possible.

1/ Streaming is bandwidth dependent. If your internet connection is good enough, the device is easily capable of it.

2/ Yep, easily done.

However, are you hoping for it to do both of these out of the box? There are significant security concerns with streaming (and uploading) over the internet. If you’re happy setting up Debian (Apache is already running, but would need to be configured differently) then it’s trivial. If you expect it to let the whole world see your files without any configuration, you’re (mostly) out of luck.

Look there to the featurepacks. Very secured and very good support.

Streaming audio, streams also videos.