Stream Video to Xbox360 direct

How would i stream video direct from the wdtv to my xbox? I have a media server on a vista pc which both the xbox and wdtv live can see and play from. I want to be able to use the ext drive connected to the wdtvlive without having a “pc” on and share direct to xbox 360 so the kids can watch in there room without having to have another pc on just to make things simpler. So right now everyting works and plays on both 360 and tv but i haveto have my vista pc on.

The Xbox 360 requires a media server.  The WDTV does not function as a media server, so that plan won’t work unfortunately.

Another option may be to purchase a NAS that has a media server (double check whether it plays nicely with 360s!), store your media centrally and then both WDTV and 360 can access the media without your PC being on.

I have a thread musing over which NAS to purchase here, whilst mkelley has a review of a specific NAS here.

It can’t function as a media server due to hardware limitations? meaning not physically possible or would there be some homebrew software that could be flashed or installed?

That’s correct.  The WDTV is not a media server.

As far as I’m aware, none of the homebrew firmwares add media server functionality.  The most popular / advanced firmware by B-rad doesn’t for sure.

I suspect it could be a hardware limitation; I’ve seen comments to the effect that the Live has pretty weak processing power for the OS.