Stream to Smart TV "please check your network connection"

Hi - streaming media from my WD Cloud to my desktop, no issue, all media types. Streaming to Smart TV (Samsung) on same network I occasionally get the “please check your network connection”.

All devices are Ethernet connected and I can stream other media content to the tv via same Ethernet/ network combo without issue (e.g. Netflix iplayer etc)

Why do I get this behaviour please?

@WayneBulleid What type of router do you have? How far away is your TV from the router?

I have a wi-fi extender in my living room to help with my 4K Smart TV and other connected devices. The last check I made showed I was receiving a little over 60 Mbps download speed at the TV.

My download speed from my ISP (Spectrum) is up to 400 Mbps, see image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Hi - thanks for the reply. The smart tv (as is the WD My cloud) are all hard wired from a BT Hub 6 (UK). Admittedly they are on two separate switches, but are on the same network both driven from the hub source. TV to switch is a 1mtr cable run, switch to hub ~25 Mtrs