Stream music or movies across network

So I purchased a My Cloud Home Duo and uploaded my music and movies using my Win 10 32 bit (so not using the app because I’m not 64 bit) via windows explorer to the box on the router. All good. But now it seems I can’t use my iPad or iPhone to view movies or music as they will only access using the app which only wants to look at the private web space, not the public space where I uploaded files on my network. I’ve loaded Plex but everything I’ve read said it has to run under the My Cloud Home app, which is no good as that app only looks at the private web space, not my files stored across the network in the public space. What am I missing? I don’t want to have to upload them to two locations just so my iPad and iPhone can access them… surely that isn’t required?? What am I missing??

Hi Fatal.Lordes,

As you want to access the Media files stored in the device through the iPhone or iPad. You can refer configure Plex on your Computer and on your mobile device. To know the steps, you can refer the link given below and follow the instructions to configure plex and add the data in the My Cloud Home device to stream it without any issue.