Stream music on older iOS devices

After figuring this out, thought I’d share it… might save someone a lot of hair-pulling…

I wanted to be able to stream music from our MyCloud Mirror to an older iPod Touch over wifi, but pretty much every app out there require iOS 7 or higher. My iPod touch is stuck at 6.x.x, due to Apple abandoning it.

I also needed a solution that used my old iPod Touch because I have two different docks that my iPhone 6 won’t plug into, without buying an adapter cable. The dock keeps the iPod charged while using it, and one of the docks can run off batteries, in case we’re rocking out in the back yard around our fire pit. I can also use my phone without being tied to the dock.

The first problem was finding an app that worked under iOS 6.x.x… I discovered “mconnect”, which has a free version with banner ads, that runs on iOS 5 and above. Once installed it automatically found my MyCloud Mirror, with no setup of any kind required. Instant gratification there.

The second issue I had was playlist (.m3u) files. I created them on my windows laptop using Playlist Creator 3.6.2, but they wouldn’t play. I figured out that the paths were wrong in my playlist files, even though I had drag-and-dropped the files from the MyCloud. Make sure you use relative paths when creating the lists - if they still won’t play, open them in notepad and Find/Replace the drive name with the relative path.

For example, on my drive, inside the Music share there are two folders, iTunes and Playlists…

So this:
 \WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\iTunes\iTunesMedia\Music\Four Tet\Parks.mp3

Becomes this:
 …\iTunes\iTunesMedia\Music\Four Tet\Parks.mp3

(Four Tet is the band name)

Just wanted to share this, in case it helped someone else.
Enjoy listening to tunes on your no-longer-defunct iPod Touch!


Thank you for sharing this information. It might help other users.