Stream movie from internet

Hi there,

i just got a WD TV Live hub, and i was wondering if its possible to stream movies from my PC to the live hub. some random sites and not the one WD TV offers, i’ve been googling and couldn’t find any solution, neither in the FAQ.

wanna watch some football thats not being broadcast on TV cause there are to many matches at that time, i got a website where i can watch it but i want it on the big screen and not on my PC. Is that possible with WD TV Live hub ?

Thanks in advance,


Basically no is the answer. You may be able to run some sort of server on your PC which would stream the Video to the WD hub but thats about it.

As richUK said, there is no way to do it natively from the HUB, but you can do it if you have a media server like PlayOn or TVersity.