Stream from WD My Cloud to vlc app

Is there any way to stream remotely from WD MyCloud ex 2 to VLC ios app? Searched the internet but only one had written that it worked, but couldnt find how.

Note that this subforum is generally for the single bay My Cloud units. The EX2 has it’s own specific subforum:

That said for the single bay My Cloud units there is no official way to access one’s content remotely other than using the WD My Cloud Desktop program, the WD mobile apps for iOS and Android, the web portal, or using the insecure FTP method. Or one could setup a VPN (or something similar) on their local network to access the their My Cloud.

Unofficially, and not supported by WD, for the single bay My Cloud units there are several other options for remote access including SSH/SFTP, and for the older generation v4.x single bay My Cloud users there is the CloudDAVMod which allows for limited remote access (primarily remote drive mapping).

On the Android version of the MyCloud app, you browse to the file you want, press and hold to select the file, then hit the three dot menu, and select ‘open with’.

This offers you the choice of installed apps that will play the media. Select the VLC app, and it streams the file. With usual buffering issues if the path doesn’t have enough bandwidth…

Assuming you have VLC installed on your iThing, I would imagine the iOS MyCloud app will work similarly. Surely the Android app can’t work better than ‘it just works’ iOS…?

Never, ever assume with iThings. :grinning:

It all depends on if the WD iOS app will allow the user to select an app to launch or if the VLC app can be set as the default viewing/playing app on the iOS device. As we’ve seen in other discussions the behavior of the WD My Cloud Android app is at times different than the iOS app.

I know. But there isn’t a ‘tongue in cheek’ emoticon…

After updating My Cloud app on my iphone, now it navigates to VLC by itself. So thanks for the help, finally this issue is solved.