Stream from other folders than Public/Shared Videos on My Book Live? And a log?


Is it possible to stream from other folders than Public/Shared Videos on My Book Live? The problem is that it streams the videofile with no problem when I have the files in “Public/Shared Videos” but I would like to have some mpeg-movies in other folders ex. “News clips” and stream them from that folder.

And I cannot. When the mpeg-file is in the “News clips” my mediaplayer wants to download the whole file before playing. If the same file is in “Public/Shared Videos” the file starts to play at once (=streaming).

So how do I tell My Book LIve that files in “News clips” are to be streamed?

Another question - is it not possible to make a log-file? A file that shows when someone has logged on to my “My book” and what files they have been watching?

Regards, Michael :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

You should be able to access different share other than public as long as the share has media serving, if the share does not have media serving enabled then you wont be able to see the files from other shares.

Regarding the checking who connected to the drive there is no way to check this on the logs.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I’m not sure yet what to do to tell it, it has to stream the files. But I will try - and I wont be looking for a log anymore :slight_smile:

Hello, under the shares section the media serving option should appear when you select the share and to the right you will see a drop down that says media serving and make sure that drop down says on, this is how you enable media serving on the unit.

Hope this helps you out.