Stream from MyCloud 4TB to a Samsung Smart LED?

Just bought a MyCloud 4TB in hopes to stream family videos and photos to a Samsung 65 smart LED.

On the MyCloud, I have done the streaming settings using the Dashboard.
On the Samsung, it sees MyCloud as an input source. But when I clicked on it, it doesn’t see anything – especially not the folder that I placed all the videos and photos.

I may not have set up correctly. I am not technical and I am seeing terms like Twonky and DLNA, which leave me dazed. And I don’t want to buy another WD TV media hub.

Can someone please share the directions if all possible? The directions to stream from a MyCloud to a Samsung LED.

Thank you very much.

The first few Q&A here should get you going:

By default, you need to put your media in the Public folder, but you can change this. The FAQ explains how.

Twonky is ugly.

Use the NAS as a NAS and install Plex on your computer. Samsung TVs have a Plex App which works fantastic. After that, you’ll never consider Twonky again.

Townky may be “ugly” but it generally works provided one has their media in a Twonky supported format and provided their DLNA client supports playback of that media format. There are a lot of pluses to using Plex, however the down side is the need to use a computer and the need for the Plex client on the playback device/TV. One might be better off going with Kodi on a cheep Android box (or Fire Stick). It all comes down to how one wants to use the My Cloud’s media server and one’s needs.

@KEN.MEEBO, if you want to use Twonky you will need to ensure your media is in a Twonky supported format. See the My Cloud User Manual for supported media formats.

Also search through this subforum and you’ll find that there are a number of prior discussions where people had trouble with the Samsung TV DLNA clients and the My Cloud. Some of those prior discussions may have additional ideas or suggestions.

Twonky is a media server, not a client app. So, unless you’re using ‘ugly’ in a non-visual sense, not really an issue. Yes, it has a web-based browser as part of its user interface, but I don’t think anyone would be daft enough to try to use it as a media client.

And what Bennor said…

So last night, I followed the Twonky instructions provided by cpt_paranoia. The setup went really well and I am now able to playback MP4 and Photos (in a slideshow no less). Next I have to figure out how to give a static IP to the MyCloud (scratching my head).

I am very grateful for the help! It gets me going in a big way!