Stream from Hub to another device?

I have used the search feature in a few of these forums (Hub, Live, etc) but wasn’t able to find an answer that I think would work…


I have my Hub connected to my network via ethernet cable, no problems…  I can access it from any PC in the house without issue…  On another TV downstairs (not an internet-enabled tv) I have an old WD Mini player…


The videos that play on my Hub are a different resolution than they need to be to play on the Mini player (after putting the files on a thumbdrive).  I have software that re-encodes the video files at the proper resolution and correct audio format for the Mini player to be able to play them, however, they’re only 720p and leave huge black bars on top and bottom of the video, and from the distance I sit from that TV it almost makes the videos unwatchable (55" 1080p TV, from about 15 feet away).


Now I’m not worried about streaming in full 1080p, since most of the videos I have on there aren’t full 1080p anyways… the question is: Is there an affordable way/device that I can hook up to the TV and wirelessly stream from the Media hub down to that TV?


  1. Building a micro-PC, running some OS that I can stream as if it were any other computer just hooked up to the TV, not exactly affordable either…

  2. a $50 Roku player using RoConnect… this app is supposed to allow you to stream from any pc to the Roku player on your network, however, I don’t know if it would recognize the media on the Hub to connect it like that.  Has anyone tried this?

  3. A NAS box… the problem I have with a NAS box is that for the most part I don’t know much about them.  Are they not just network storage systems?  Would I be able to do something similar to my second thought, or would I just be making solid copies on to those hard drives?  and most importantly, would I be able to hook one up to a TV?

Sorry, #3 is a bit out there… but if anyone has any opinions/thoughts/ideas/advice about 1 or 2, or anything in this topic, please throw it out there…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Another media player, with a network connection, will be able to stream from the Hub.  From WD you can get anotrher Hub or a WD TV Live Streaming.  

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