Stream form an external HDD on WDTV live hub


What I have:

WDTV live hub 1tb, connected to a router (Ethernet)

HDD Seagate goflex home 2tb, also connected to the same router (Ethernet)

What I want to do:

I would like to stream the movies or anything else from the Seagate hdd using the WDTV live hub.

Is that possible (I am sure it is)? And how can I do that?

I tried the network sync, not really working… anyway what I want is to be able to see what is on the Seagate HDD using the WDTV live interface (also where will I see the HDD, in the video interface or in the set up, network….interface.

Thanks you for your help.

Ps: If I am not clear sorry

Did you manually set the permissions on the drive so the user called “everyone” has read access? That should allow the Hub to see that drive.


Yes I did that, but it doesn’t work!!

Anyway I figure it out !

Thanks for helping

rookie, it would be a kind contribution to the WD Community if you could share your solution with more Users. This will likely provide assistance to someone in need.