Strange! Windows reports 58% more size!

I have a WD Caviar Blue 500GB Ide drive (WD5000AAKB).  I run Windows XP-SP3.  I have a very strange problem.  Windows thinks my drive size is 791GB !!.  How can this be?  Here are individual partitions (four) - 40, 100, 50, and 275.  In addition it shows free space of 325GB !!

I know there are circumstances reported by many where the drive size reported by Windows is smaller than actual.  Has anyone encoutnered the opposite?

I am concerned that my data may get corrupted due to this isse.  I would appreciate any help on how to resolve this.


Please backup all your information and run the Western Digital DLG tool if possible let us know the results. You can download the application from the WD website.

Thanks a lot for the response.  Since the time I posted my issue, I have done some more work to troubleshoot.

First, I apologize that made a mistake about the brand of the drive.  I have both a WD and a Seagate drive (both 500GN).  The problem drive was really with the Seagate and not the WD.   I mistakenly thought it was the WD that had the problem.

Anyways, I backed up the files on the problem drive and then deleted the partitions and reformatted the drive.  The problem is now solved, windows shows the correct size.  Apparently the partition table must have got corrupted somehow.   I guess this could happen to WD or other drives too.  I hope this will help others here in the future.

Thanks again for your response.