Strange: WIFI is more faster than Direct cable?


I have:

WD TV Live (with latest firmware)

Linksys WRT 320N WIFI Router

Linksys NMH410 Media Hub (NAS)

When I have connected WD TV Live to the Router via cable (wired) the speed was very low. In most cases I can not load even a photo from the NAS (after pressing on thumbnails I get black screen).

Later I have changed to WIFI by a Linksys Wireless-N USB stick and the network speed is more than double.

I have tried everything (rebooting all devices, factory default ect.), but this problem is still resist.

Is there any hint/suggestion about this?



Probably there’s some kind of autonegotiation problem with the router, try setting the ethernet port where you connect the WDTV box in the router LAN settings to “100 Mbit / half duplex”. I have a hunch that it is being set internally to “full duplex”, and the WDTV live doesn’t seem to support that.

The WDTV does do Full Duplex just fine.  

If you force-set the router port to 100/FULL, that will break auto negotation, and the other end will always come up 100/HALF.