Strange "water drop" sound from my WD Green hard drive


I’m new to the forum, so my apologies if I post this in the wrong section.

I have a problem, I noticed strange sound from my WD Green hdd on my desktop PC - it sounds like a water drop…No matter what I do (play games, browse internet, or PC is untouched but running), I can hear this annoying water drop sound (sometimes it’s very loud, sometimes more quiet)…My WD Green is 3 years old, and I didn’t experience this sound before, it just occured 4 days ago. I launched HD Tune Pro 5.6, and S.M.A.R.T. results are completely fine (no relocated or bad sectors etc), but still don’t know what is going on with this sound?

Any help will be very appreciated!

I suggest opening an elevated command prompt and run


and check the media to be sure there are no bad blocks

Thanks for the tip!

that’s the drive doing things, but I’d just unplug it and wait for a few minutes then plug it back in. Run a program like (if you can) like SmithMicro’s Checkit Diagnostics 8. Or WD Software and Firmware Downloads WD Support

Thank you AsterBot! :slight_smile: