Strange visual artifact

Hi everyone!

So far I’ve been mostly satisfied with my WD TV HD2 unit (yes, I don’t use mp4 :smiley:). But recently I noticed a visual artifact that is absent if I use PC instead of WD unit to watch movies. This artifact looks like a green trail or maybe just color distortion covering a small part of the screen that lasts for a couple of seconds and then corrects itself, i.e. restores original color. This problem usually manifests itself when there is a large panoramic view flying at you or from you in the movie (or, in other words, camera moves smoothly for a prolonged time period). It is not really too irritating as the color distortion happens to a small part of the picture and quickly gets corrected, but it is still noticeable. It also doesn’t seem to happen with all movies, but I couldn’t find the distinguishing feature (after all, PC has no problem to play all of the movies correctly).

It’s curious that I experienced very similar problem before with my PHILIPS Divx enabled DVD player, only then it was worse (greater part of the screen was affected, it took longer to correct colors). I thought it was the insufficient processing power of PHILIPS (2005 model) to blame, but WD’s processor is much more powerful and still has the problem.

Frankly, I believe there is no way to fix the problem, but still I would like to know if anyone else encountered such an artifact with DivX/Xvid encoded movies in AVI container. Just to be sure I am not alone :wink:.

Update: the issue seems to be related to the particular way movie was encoded. I had an opportunity to compare two files containing the same movie, and one had the above mentioned problem, while the other didn’t. Both were standard resolution, encoded with Xvid codec. The problematic one had lower video bitrate and parameter called “custom matrix”.