Strange sound from WD360GD

Alright, first off I want to know if there’s any difference between using SATA power connector vs legacy?  Secondly when I connect the sata power connector (that has 5 leads) it makes a very bad and loud screeching sound constantly from the time it boots up.  But if I use either the legacy power connector or the 4 lead extention SATA power cable it doesn’t??  All tests indicate a good hard drive, however, just wondering about that.  Possible hard drive failure?  Let me know if you need additional info, I’ll get it to you asap. 

One minor thing, seems like SMART can’t be enabled when I have AHCI controller enabled, any thoughts/fixes?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Another thing, I was reading the info about the performance of the drive and I’m doing about 58 mb/s averate read time and doesn’t seem to add up.  And burst speed is only  113 mb/s.  i’m running on Windows XP x64 fully updated (all drivers possibly updated are)

You can compare your drive’s performance aagainst other WD360GD drives here:

These two results appear to match yours: (WD360GD-00FLA2) (WD360GD-00FLC0)

The max / min / burst rates are 63 / 55 / 110 MB/s.

The other results (WD360GD-00FNA0) all show max / min / burst rates of around 55 / 47 / 90 MB/s.

I wonder what is different about the 00FLA2 and 00FLC0 drives?

Your power cabling (?) issue is strange. Are you sure it wasn’t just a coincidence? Is it reproducible? Normally screeching noises would suggest a serious problem, such as a head crash. AFAICS, the only difference between the two connections is that the SATA power connector has an unused 3.3V rail.

Here is the pinout:

Your AHCI / SMART problem may be the result of the driver not supporting SMART pass-through.

Yes,  I can reproduce it every time I put a 5 lead power to it, wasn’t sure if I would be able to warranty it out w/ WD or not, I’ll e-mail them and see what they say about it.  As for the perfromance, I guess I’m up to par then.  I wonder where they get these numbers lol 1.5 gb/s SATA etc  oh well alright lemme talk to them and see what’s going on.  Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Your power cable issue is really bizarre. Is it possible that the 5V and 3.3V pins are switched??? Would it be possible for a drive to function at all if that were the case?