Strange software indeed?

Well, I’ve been running my My Cloud now for a week or so, and I’m pretty satisfied with it insofar. What I don’t like and/or comes to grip with is HOW to download music/photos/video FROM my unit. I know I can stream the content and upload the same…

I have tried to use the little submenu under each object in the My Cloud-app; the one with copy, cut, rename and download(!) buttons. When clicking the download button I get a tiny blue arrow (pointing downwards) by the files name. Then: nothing! Think I read that My Cloud only allows photos to be downloaded, but the same happens when I try download a photo… Okay, you can e-mail yourself and open the file in some other apps, but I want it downloaded onto my unit i.e. iPad or iPhone.

So WHY on Gods green are we given the possibility to chose download if it does nothing? Why even have that button? OR: if it is possible to download, WHERE does the files end up on my unit?

Or have I missed something? Some setting?


On my Android device using the WD Photo app one can download the photo by selecting the menu icon (three vertical circles) then select “Add to Gallery”. The files end up in the root “sdcard” directory on my Android device. Using the WD My Cloud app for Android if one selects the file they can then select the download icon, the file is saved to their device in the “/sdcard/WD My Cloud///”

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Good information, indeed! :smiley:

Unfortunately I use iOS-units… And, equally unfortunately, absolutely nothing happens when you click the download button beneath the filenamne (it will show if you swipe left on the filename). I’d happily tell the software where to store the file… Furthermore, and again unfortunately, iPhones and iPads don’t allow SD-cards…