Strange problem with my Passport

Hi, i got a strange problem with my 750gb usb 3.0 HD, As soon as i plug it in my PC, it start the device install popup thing now it taiks like 5-10min to finish and not to work… when it dos finish ( with the error ) i goto Disk manager and i see it with little red dot and saying 2tb unknown nothing cannot be done from there… u cant set it offline or the other option, anyway i did try to self install the ses driver and all and it did not work all i get is under hardware manager at Disk Drivers - Disk Driver under - Other devises i get SYMWAVE SES USB Device with yellow dot all info is “not Available”. thats on my main (“new” pc) on my mothers older pc all works fine i connect the Passport it finds the Disk Driver as my passport 0730 and bang it works… now both pc’s got windows 7 64bit from same CD and on my main pc it dosnt see it as a Virtual HD/CD or anything… Some can help me fix this? :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi dude!!

A 750GB Passport showing 2TB on Disk Management could mean an issue with the platters or the firmware of the drive.

Since that drive does not have an available update, you could try to force it to be formatted using the  WD Quick Formatter, if it fails I would replace it if I were you…

Hope it helps|!!