Strange problem with Internet connection

Hi everybody,

Since few days, I had an ADSL2+ connection, 10000/800kbps.

I had the router (Linksys WAG54GS) and a Linksys WRT54GS used as an access point, and the WD TV Live Hub connected through ethernet to the access point.

Everything was OK: internet connection, wireless transfers, etc.

Now I have a VDSL connection, 30000/1000kbps.

The router had to be changed for a VDSL compatible one, it’s a ZyXEL P-870HW-51A V2. I still use the WRT54GS as an access point.

The problem is that the connection is OK if WD TV Live Hub isn’t connected (via ethernet) to the WRT54GS, but if I connect it, all internet connections (pc, mobile phones, etc.) don’t work properly, I get connection ‘cuts’, 30 seconds without internet, etc. It’s not a router problem because router is running well and synchronized to my ISP ALL time. It’s like WD TV Live Hub does something with the bandwidth, I don’t know…

Any idea? Cause if I can’t connect it to the WRT54GS, I’ve no wireless transfer active…

Dude, I think you should give a call to WD on this one…

Having two routers in a system has often caused problems, in my experience and others. Try connecting the HUB directly to the new router the ISP gave you. Otherwise, see if you can’t change the settings on your Linksys to turn it into a switch and wireless Access Point instead of another router, which might cause conflicts with the first router. Then you’ll be able to connect the Hub to the Linksys, where it will get its IP from the new ISP router along with everything else, and the Linksys will just work as an ethernet switch giving you more ports that are managed by the router as well as your WiFi connection. If you can do this, give it a shot and see how it goes.

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I could be wrong but as I read what you posted here are a couple of my ideas :slight_smile:

with everything working fine before you hook up the wdhub then this would seem to show for that you have no problems

you might look at settings that you may have to make specific for the wdhub to keep it from trying to dominate the network. Which means you may have to set restrictions or permissions for the hub. It is my understanding that a server will try to use as much bandwidth as it can grab unless you set restrictions.

It could also be that the new service you have is blocking something that is causing problems your last service didn’t. You may try to see what the difference is between the one you had and what you have now.

While typing this up I looked up your router, I cannot give a lot of info but here are a couple more things you can research…The new router has a Qos setting which allows you to set bandwidth permissions. Another suggestion is to hook the wdhub directly to the router and see if it still gives you the same problems, it may also be that  with all the wireless you are running that when you put the wd on there it is to much to handle.

Hope some of that helps, I will try to look back and see if you have anymore questions or let us know if you found a answer :slight_smile:

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First, thanks for the response of snackbidi, however, my configuration was like you said. But thanks for the support.

And of course, Gator81, you hit the mark with your comment! It was a QoS problem, the VDSL router came with a QoS queue that affected my internet connection when I connected WDTVLiveHub to the LAN! It was enabled and, sincerely, didn’t use it so I disabled QoS and WDTVLiveHub is now working well with other PCs, macs, iphones, etc. with no cuts on the internet connection!

Thank you guys,  you rock!  ;)

Bad news guys. 

I thought the QoS was the problem but the issue is existing yet. I’ve revised the QoS, firewall, etc. but I don’t find a solution. When I connect the WD the internet connection stops working for all devices and I have to reset the router. i’m on the latest WD firmware. I’m also using Mac and PC.

I’ll continue searching for a solution. Don’t know if it’s a router problem or a WD problem or a Mac conflict… :S

Good news for me,

My ISP updated the router’s firmware and now all is working perfectly.

No configuration needed, I suppose the previous firmware was an absolutely **bleep** :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody