Strange problem with external hd

Here is the problem. I have a WD My Passport 259F 3 terabytes external hard drive. The light is on and it sounds like it’s running fine. It also shows up as fine in devises and everywhere except under ‘This PC’ where all it says for it is Local Disk ‘D:’. There is also the green line that runs across the top when the computer is looking for something and when it gets to the end I get the blue screen. If I keep it plugged in for a while it will freeze up the entire computer. I cannot get into it and I have a large amount of important files. I’ve tested it with a new cord from a known working WD external HD with no luck. I’ve also tried different USB ports and put it on an old computer without any luck. I even reformatted this computer and it’s still the same thing. Today I tried Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and it installs, but will not open. Is there any way to save what is on that drive? I care more about saving the contents than I do about the drive itself. And if it makes any difference I run windows 8.1.