Strange problem accessing files remotely

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has had this happen:

I have a WD MyCloud on my home network, working well. But, my problem is very particular with regard to remote access.

Using the My Cloud APP on a desktop or Android, everything is fine and all my files are present. But if I access my cloud via and use the ‘open in explorer’ option, files are missing. Some directories say they are empty, but I can verify they are not by using the My Cloud app to browse. This happens on both Windows 7 and Windows XP systems.

You may say, “why not just use the app, since it’s working.” For the most part, I agree, but I’m considering situations where I may be out of town, on a public computer, or at work where I don’t have admin privileges to install the My Cloud app. I’d like to know that I can access all my files reliably no matter where I need to.

Any help is appreciated.



You should be able to access all your files through  However, there may be something in the network environment blocking that ability.  If you are at a public pc, and it doesn’t have the latest Java updates, then yeah, it might be a problem.  You might want to check on a friend’s computer to see if connecting through Explorer works.  If so, there could be restrictions on the other networks preventing WD2go from connecting fully.

I remember reading someone like this having a similar problem, and I’ll be darned if i can find the thread… It turned out he was using Custom Icons on folders / files, and it was preventing them from showing.

Is that possible in your case?

No custom icons, although some of the folders that report empty DO have favicons in them for sites I manage. But not all of the “empty” folders have favicons in them.