Strange playback of HD recording

I am using a WD TV Live with v1.02.21 firmware to watch MPEG files (from a Hauppauge WINTV_HVR_1950) stored on a Windows XP Pro computer connected via a wired network.  Recordings of standard definition programs play back normally. When I play recordings of HD programs I get a number of strange effects:

  1. The program will intermittently pause for somewhere between 7 and 10 seconds.  Sometimes these pauses will be 10 minutes apart and sometime only half a minute apart.  During the pause, the sound stops, and the picture freezes, but the program timer continues to count up.

  2. Fast forwarding and rewinding are totally unpredictable.  Sometimes they work normally.  Sometimes when I press the play button to resume normal play the program either jumps back to where I started the fast forward/rewind or it just jumps ahead another minute or two.

Where do you get your HD recordings from?

The faq for the Hauppauge WINTV_HVR_1950 says that you can only get HD from ATSC or ClearQAM . It also says that these files will not be 100% DVD compliant, which may be why the WDTV has problems with them.

You could look at the files with mediainfo and that may give somebody a clue why they don’t play correctly.

Mediainfo (freeware)

The files were recorded from ClearQAM.

MediaInfo reports that they are MPEG Video (Component)(Version2) in an MPEG-PS container.

If I open the files in FreeVideoDub, delete a section and resave them, the video pausing problem goes away, but the erratic fast forwarding and rewinding continues.