Strange Noise, Maybe permanently Calibrating


just own my new MyBook World 1TB white light a few days. Yesterday, managed with help of this forum to solve the mionet restarting problem, thank you guys.

Today - new problem. The device sometimes needs more time to enter standby. Even in this situation I can hear that the device makes a mermanent noise. I’m not that professional, but I think it sounds like a permanent calibration of the heads. When disconnecting the drive from network the noise stops for short time than continues. sometimes it needs 30 minutes until the device enters sleep mode. The device is covered 80% with data (pics, movies, mp3). The twonky is disabled, iTunes is disabled, The LED is disabled, The downloader is disabled, AppleFileSystem is disabled. Please help.

Just searching a tool to hardwarecheck the drive without having to pull the drive out of the pretty white box.

Just want to know what Software starts from time to time in this “white box”. Maybe i will post the hardcopy off my list, entering top in putty.