Strange noise coming from 10TB drives (WD100EFAX)


It’s definitely from the drives. I can even hear the slight difference in pitch between one drive and another when they start doing it. It’s not related to your ethernet port error.


I realized that I used the 10 GbE port on the NAS, my router has only 1 GbE. So I put the Ethernet cable in the 1 GbE port on the NAS and restartet the NAS…I will keep you updated on if & when the noise reoccurs…


The weirdest thing that I can confirm is when my torrent client isn’t running I’ve never heard the noise. There doesn’t have to be anything actively being seeding, but if torrents are available for seeding the noise will occur eventually… and it seems the more torrents are available the more likely and frequent the noise is.

This could be a coincidence, or it could be something about the disc access patterns of torrent clients (I’m using Transmission) that makes the disc maintenance routine on the Reds kick in.


I have almost none apps running, but the noise comes after at least one day having started the NAS (this time I try it with using another ethernet port as written above).

I can´t tell how long the noise would stay, I heard it for several hours in the past, then shut the NAS down but nowadays I shut down my NAS sooner when the noise is present.

You think, it´s a disc maintenance routine? How long is the noise present at your NAS? And when does it come back? It should be going away if it is a maintenance routine.


dukdukgoos, that’s my experience as well. I had to close down the torrent clients earlier today, first I stopped the torrents, that usually does the trick but the noise didn’t go away soon enough so I closed down the torrent clients that access the NAS, to speed up the process. The noise went away soon afterwards.



I don’t know if I can help, but I have two WD red 8tb wd80efax in a Synology Nas and I have same noise. The Nas is in my living room, I really need a solution
I don’t use Torrent. Only Plex.
Anyone have an Idea, an official reply from WD ?

Maybe a New firmware can fix this problem


Have you contacted WD? Have you run their tool over the HDDs?
There is no downloadable firmware yet available.


…the beeping came back, one day after switching the ethernet port & restarting the NAS…

this is the error message I got now each ca. 10s similar to as shown somewhere above

2019-03-03 06:20:34,986 slaacrrd[9437] ERROR [] _stat >>> Don’t have the interface: eth1
06:20:45,496 slaacrrd[9437] ERROR [] _stat >>> Don’t have the interface: eth1

I know there shouldn´t be a involvement with the beeping, but again (I was sleeping and cannot exactly tell when the beeping began) there is a correlation by time between the Ethernet problem (this time eth1) and the beeping…


I just contacted WD. I’m waiting for answer

All test for my HDD are OK as many users in this topic


Hopefully they will tell you more than “the drives are ok”



I’m so glad I found this topic!

Here’s my story : I have a Synology DS3617xs, which i used to have filled with 11x 4TB RED drives and worked like a charm (2 volumes, both BTRFS).
I decided to upgrade my disks with 10TB drives. I started with the first volume (5x 10TB).

Immediately after having replaced all drives, I started to hear this “beeping” sound (to me its sounds more like a toned-down version of the old floppy seek sounds)
I even bought a mecanician stethoscope ( in order to be able to listen every drive individually : I open the latch without pulling the disk out, and listen to it.

Just as you guys, I did not manage to identify a specific drive producing the noise. Everytime I thought I had identified one, I pulled it out… but the beep continued anyways, and I was to wait 36 hours for the volume to rebuild before testing another drive removal.

About a year later, I upgraded the second volume disks, again with these 10TB drives (4 drives). Interestingly, when the beeping occurs, it seems to only come from the drives from the first volume disks.

That’s the moment where I found this topic. I do not run a torrent client on my NAS, but several other packages (MariaDB, Plex, Emby, Mailstation, ActiveBackup, etc…).
As some of you seemd to see improvement when stopping certain packages, I decided to simply stop all I could. In the end I was left with the basic synology packages which you can’t turn off, including the file indexing service.

At first, it seemed to do the trick, but after 18-24 hours, that bloody sound came back.
So in my experience, stopping packages doesn’t change anything.

I started looking at the running processes, logs, dmesg, etc… when the sound was occuring, without witnessing anything…

So what now ? BTRFS ? drive FW ? combination of both ?

I’m getting nuts !


I can only guess, and I guess that the reason is not any app, but some firmware failure.
I also guess, because both QNAP and Synology are hit, that it may be a HDD firmware or some kind of NAS-BIOS issue (btw, does a NAS have some kind of BIOS or other internal firmwares?).

What I don´t understand mister_fr, have you been hearing those sounds for one year now? Or did you rebuild your volumes all the time nonstop this whole year?
I think those sounds are not healthy or does somebody of us let those sounds exist nonstop for months/years?

What abut the “2nd volume disks”, do they make the same beeping sounds?
So all your WD Red 10TB drives work the same?

Do you have any error codes in your dumpfiles?

Again, it is so sad that no one of those real experts can help us out!!!


A NAS is a computer created for the purpose of sharing files on a network. Lately the NAS boxes are getting fast enough to do much more, but they are basically small computers. The ones that are meant for home use are often centered around low power usage, so the choice of hardware reflects that.
All of them are using running Linux, with some exceptions. So yes, it’s just a normal computer.

QNAP and Synology are often using the same hardware as well, the only difference is they have made their each distribution of Linux and other software.

So in my opinion I think the problem is mainly the WD drives. QNAP and Synology are both using “of the shelf” hardware and software that shouldn’t cause the drives to behave like this.


But what I don´t get is: if the drives are the reason, why do they
“orchestrate” as 2, 4 or more drives in a stereotypical sound…?
I believe one HDD cannot tell the other:
so now I am done with my 2 second beeping sound and now you should be done with your 2 second beeping sound, too.

That´s why I believe it´s some kind of controller/BIOS issue…


Because when you have several HDD in the NAS you are usually have them in a raid volume.
Which means you write and read, to and from, all the drives at once. My drives are making these sounds in harmony, some louder than others. I have no idea what the drives are doing to create the sound, it’s a completely mystery.
Whatever they do they do it together in some capacity, being in a raid it would make sense. It would be interesting to see if having the drives in a JBOD configuration would make any difference.


I have these stereotpyical beeping sounds with 2 drives existing as separate, single volumes, no raid or something else…

and if you look at my last video-link above, the sound was also continued with one single drive after physically removing the 2nd. And this single drive even continued those sounds when being virtually removed in the system, so NO volume was shown in the NAS, the volume doing the sounds was only physically connected having electrical power…


Hmm, well, what we, the guys in this thread, have in common is a NAS from either QNAP or Synology and WD helium drives. I find it strange that no one else have reported this issue, I haven’t found any reports, so I made this thread.
So what is going on here exactly? If this issue only affects NAS boxes I find it pretty ironic considering the drives are made for being used in a NAS.
Do both of the manufacturers suffer from the same hardware and/or software error?
I’m grasping for straws here, we have little to go on, none of it makes any sense.

What I do know is that I didn’t have this problem with my 4 TB drives from WD. The first time I ever heard this sound was after I installed several 10 TB drives.


I agree with your guess that this could be related to some raid-thing…it would make sense considering these orchestrating sounds…
but this has to be a hidden failure somewhere, not only existing on programmed Raid-1 Systems


P.S. and if you blame some “Raid-thing” … then the HDDs are ok as a consequence ?!


No, not necessarily. The problem may lie in the drives. Or it could be a combination of the NAS software/hardware and the drives. Anything is possible.
The reason most of us bought the drives is because we have a lot data, so we are pretty limited when it comes to troubleshoot the problem, considering we have to place the data somewhere, and it takes many days to test out scenarios which may tell us something.
As you said earlier, even with only one drive in the NAS and no volume, the only thing that the NAS did was provide power. And still the noise was present.

In my case the sound isn’t that persistent, as long as I stop the torrents it goes away(it will return though)
But you and myster_fr doesn’t use a torrent client that reads/writes to the volume. And stopping every service doesn’t have an effect either.

So this makes in more confusing, what does it all mean?
I think the problem is the drive somehow, I don’t know how, but how else would you else explain the noise in your case, when the only thing the NAS does is providing power.