Strange noise coming from 10TB drives (WD100EFAX)


In my experience there are no good alternatives. I’ve tried several 10TB drives from other manufacturers, all of which are too noisy under normal operation. Even though the WD drives have the noise problem, it’s not noisy 24/7.
So it’s a choice between pestilence and cholera, I chose cholera(WD).

I recently bought a bigger flat, so I’m gonna place the NAS in a storage room so I won’t be bothered by the sound anymore(hopefully).


I don’t have any experience as it’s my first NAS (see my posts above) and went with WD drives for their rather silent specs (which is quite true in itself, 20 dB idle / 29 dB seek).

If not for that recurrent 5-ish seconds seek noise, I wouldn’t hear it at all, and yet the NAS in under the TV in the living room. But after a few months now I tend to not be annoyed as much as before.
It’s specific to WD’s larger drives capacity (8TB+ iirc), so ultimately I could always get lower drives capacity. I’m not proud of getting used to it, I just wish I knew it beforehand eventually.

As for the humming sound, it’s definitely based on a fixed schedule after reboot time. It’s been 2 months since last reboot (it was around 11am) and I don’t witness the humming sound anymore during the day nor the evening. (and I’m most of the time around now with the homeworking stuff) … so that’s at least a workaround I’m proud to have found :slight_smile:

Other brands might not have that “humming sound” described initially here or the recurrent seek noise but as stated by BabaBooey, it seems to not always be quiter in the end (and I managed to make non-measured comparison with couple of friends having a NAS as well, WD drives remain really quiet).

My conclusion on this : unless going full SSD which is still very expensive for NAS storage equivalent to HDD, there’s no ultimate solution but only trade-off regarding the noise level. 8TB seem to be in between the two worlds for that “noise vs storage” ratio. I had hopes in those Helium drives but it’s not magic still. I have now accepted my living style in a 2-room appartment is not suitable for my “home IT power usage” …

I’ve turned off + on my NAS at 11 am today. I’m very curious now :wink:
Thanks for the hint anyway

in my case, I found out that the time between power on and the first time it makes this strange noise is 9,5 hours.
So if I turn on my NAS on let’s say 6PM, the noise will be in the midst of the night - so I will not longer experience any inconvenience from this noise during the day. (I hope)