Strange Message "Disk Insertion" Please Help

I haven’t had any issues with my “My Book Studio LX External Hard Drive (3TB)" for a few months–I got the drive about 2 1/2 months again. Today, plugging in my drive using the Firewire 800 connection on my Mac Book Pro, I get the message: DISK INSERTION: The Disk you inserted is not readable by this computer.” Since seeing this message, I have usually just clicked on ignore and the drive seems to keep working as normal. This has happened a number of times today, as I have tried to figure out the problem and have connected/disconnected a few times. It seems to happen most often when I close my laptop,  and then open it/wake it from sleep later and then try connecting the drive again.

Does anyone know why this is happening or what this message means? Is this something I should be concened about? Is my drive dying? I really want to know I can still trust this drive–I did just buy it a few months ago. Anyone, please help and respond. Thank you.

If the drive gets recognized afterwards then it could be that drivers don’t load properly at the beginning.

Have you tried downloading the  Turbo Drivers

How do I know if I should use the 32bit or 64bit?

That will depend on the OS version you have, you can check on the About this mac info ( apple menu > About this Mac )

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